October 22nd, 2010

Богатые родственники мрут, как мухи

Сначала скончался Владимир. Теперь, изволите видеть, Марк.

Attention :Dear Arkhip

l am Barrister Salif Bah, the Personal lawyer to Late Mr. Mark
.R.Arkhip a nationality of your country and a deceased client of mine
I am contacting you to assist retrieve his huge deposit of five
million eight hundred thousand left in the bank before its get
confiscated by the bank, i wait to hear positively from you so that i
will give you more details on how to proceed on this transaction.

Reply back to me at my private email at (salifbahchambers@gmail.com)

Barr Salif Bah,

Начинаю беспокоиться, как там тётя Альфия и дядя Джавахарлал. А то так можно и вообще без наследства остаться.